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Jersey Cape Tags, a division of Jersey Cape Diagnostic, Training, and Opportunity Center, Inc. (also simply known as “Jersey Cape”), offers a variety of options of beach tags/badges, promotional products, and business service solutions for companies, organizations, and municipalities. This generates revenue and creates client training opportunities for our 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation's other three divisions, which focus on assisting local individuals of all abilities acquire employment and job related skills. Overall, this results in a positive effect on the region's unique economy and workforce development in Cape May County, NJ.

For NJ government "contracting units", no bid is required for products or services from Jersey Cape Tags. Learn more here.

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Featured Testimonial

The Borough of Stone Harbor is proud to partner with Jersey Cape in [the sale and delivery of beach tags direct to beachgoers]. The online purchase adds a new level of convenience for beachgoers who l...

  • Judith Davies-Dunhour
  • Stone Harbor, NJ Mayor

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