COVID-19 Prevention & Essential Worker Appreciation Tags

  • May 1, 2020

For over forty years, Jersey Cape has been supplying the Jersey Shore with its iconic beach tags/badges. Our tags/badges allow for easy access control and admission in order to maintain beach cleanliness and safety. Over the years, our tags/badges have also been used for access control at places such as pools and country clubs, and even simply as commemorative Jersey Shore souvenirs and novelties. With uncertainty due to COVID-19, many people are worried about will happen this summer at the Jersey Shore. We are hopeful for some semblance or normalcy at the beaches this summer, but until then, we have created some Jersey Shore-style ways to promote COVID-19 prevention and thank the essential employees that are keeping us going.

We are calling it our #CapesGotYourBack campaign. Jersey Cape wants to thank our superhero essential workers (even if they do not necessarily wear a cape) in Cape May County, up and down the Jersey Shore, and across all of America. They are keeping us #JerseyShoreStrong. We have created a series of beach tags/badges for a few types of workers in certain essential sectors in order to show our appreciation. We have also created a couple of tag designs to promote COVID-19 prevention, in the hopes that increasing attempts to stop the spread of coronavirus will help us be able to have a true Jersey Shore summer that we all know and love.

Essential worker appreciation tag designs include designs for healthcare workers, grocery store workers, farmers, mail persons, and delivery drivers. Prevention tag designs include designs promoting staying home, as well as wearing masks.

The tags are a great way to show your appreciation and promote healthy hygiene. You could add them to your hat or beach bag next to your normal beach tag, or simply add them to your collection. Employees of businesses, organizations, and municipalities can wear them on their lanyards or uniforms. Bulk pricing and custom designs for large orders is available. For example, a business could order tags with their logo and custom messaging to promote staying healthy.

Sales from these tags support our 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation's mission of ensuring individuals of all abilities have a place in Cape May County's unique and innovative workforce as well as developing the region's economy. The COVID-19 pandemic has put increasing stress on nonprofits, but we are staying afloat by developing innovative ways, such as these tags, to generate revenue.

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