Welcome Back Visitors with Welcome Back Beach Tags

  • May 12, 2020

Hospitalization numbers are way down. Testing is widely available. Beaches are opening. Officials are developing proposals to reopen our economy. It is clear that the COVID-19 threat is waning. Soon, the hospitality and tourism industry will be opening their doors. During this time, it will be important to show visitors that they are valued and that you are ready to welcome them back with open arms. That's why we created these Jersey Shore-esque beach tags to welcome back visitors as part of COVID-19 recovery.

Since the COVID-19 situation stated, there has been some tension between locals and tourists, although there has also been some over exaggeration when it comes to this. From here at the Jersey Shore, to the Outer Banks, the Maryland Beaches, and even Puerto Rico, a few locals claimed tourists from virus hotspots would contaminate resort areas and overrun local hospitals and grocery stores. While this was a worry at the beginning, it is no longer a major threat anymore because we are now more prepared. These tags are meant to show that tourist areas are now prepared and ready to welcome back visitors old and new. Tourism is vital to the health of the local economy and workforce. At the Jersey Shore, it is an over $10 billion industry. 

These tags can be worn by employees that heavily interact with visitors. They would look great on uniforms, name tags, lanyards, hats, etc. They would be a great complement to the great service and friendly smile of your employees. Visitors will feel that they are valued and are treated like family. After all, they are a part of any tourist destination's family.

The Welcome Back Tags feature three different designs including a sandcastle scene, sunset scene, and beach sign scene. Bulk pricing and custom designs are available for large orders through businesses, organizations, or municipalities. Sales benefit our 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation's mission of ensuring individuals of all abilities have a place in Cape May County, NJ's workforce, while also supplementing the region's innovative and unique economy.

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